Friday, April 16, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I am SUCH a blogger drop out. Now, I have moved blogs, just to start fresh. I still have my "old" blog since it is a scrapbook of my life and many memories were transcribed there, but this is the "new" place to be.

Amazingly, it's been a year since Faith's birth. I have passed through denial and grief to acceptance and JOY! When I think back to those dark first days and months, it seems almost silly to me now that I was in such a place. I wish I had known then that everything was going to be okay. MORE than okay. Faith has brought so much to me, my husband, our other children and many others in our lives.

Her sparkling eyes and her contagious smile capture hearts at first glance.

Anyway, stay tuned...the best is yet to come.


  1. Foudn you through Baby Center. You mentioned you had a scrapbook of sorts, an older blog? I wanted to read on your experience feeding Faith while she was weeks old, being sleepy.

    My 9-day old is sleepy too and can't seem to be waking up for feeding much. He's just recovered from jaundice. Hope to get more tips on this.

  2. oh nevermind, i didn't notice the link on the right :)