Monday, August 16, 2010

16 Months

I can hardly believe my little love is already 16 months old.  Amazing!

Faith, what are you up to these days?

* You are 29.5 inches tall

* You weigh just over 18 pounds

* You are wearing mostly 12 month size clothing, though you can still fit in some 6-9 month size

* You have figured out how to climb up onto the coffee table (!)

* You are taking steps on your own, just a couple at a time

* You are signing more these days and understanding even more than you sign

* You got your first tooth!  A molar on the upper right side...and it looks like more teeth are coming soon!

You are developing at the level of a 12-13 month old, according to our therapist.   I love to watch you take your little steps.  I love to watch you cuddle your baby dolls and give them open mouth kisses. I love to watch you bear crawl your way around the house at full speed.    I love watching you look up to your brothers and sister with delight in your little almond eyes.

Faith, you are a wonderful blessing...full of happiness and joy!  You are a delight to wake up to each morning and fall asleep with each night, and each moment in between is even better!

I love you to the moon and back my little girl!


  1. adorable photo! Sounds like she is doing great!

  2. love the picture --- especially her little pig tails on top of her head :)

  3. So sweet Stephanie! She is a doll for sure.

  4. beautiful picture Stephanie : ) she is absolutely adorable..