Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Icky Sicky

Poor Faith.  She has yet another fever.  This is her 5th fever in about 8 weeks.   Only one of those fevers has an explanation...the one she got as a reaction to her MMR shot.     Last week at this time, she was running a fever up to 103* for about 8 hours.  Then, it was gone, just as quickly as it came.   I didn't worry too much because he blood work had just come back and it was fine.  Her 'counts' were pretty awesome and she was not neutropenic.  Now though, I worry, because like I said,  five fevers in the last 2 months seems worrisome to me!

As soon as I noticed that she was warm to the touch first thing this morning, I stuck the thermometer under her arm.  101.2*.   I called the pediatrician's office and of course, they wanted to see her.   3 hours later, enclosed in a tiny room, after an exam and a urine catheter, and me needing a drink because I had my 4 year old with me too we were sent away with a diagnosis of 'probably just teething'.   Her lungs were clear, her throat wasn't red, her ears were fine, she was playing happily...okay, she is teething, I'll go with that.

Hours later, she is running a 103.8* fever and cranky as all get out.  Red rimmed and teary eyes, along with her 'sad lip'...oh man, the sad lip gets me every time!

Somehow, I'm thinking it's not from teething after all.  Ugh.   But, school is in session and we've been around a lot of kids, so it's not surprising she is sick.   I just hate it when my girl is sick.   We did a lot of cuddling and nursing today...she was Velcro baby at her finest!

Here's to a good night's sleep and a MUCH better tomorrow.


  1. Jack has fevers like this too and no explanation. If it's teething, then our kids are the only ones that get temps that high. It's quite frustrating. Jack has had 11 fevers over 101 in the past 11 weeks. I really hope it is teething.

  2. poor baby!!! i cant' imagine that is just from teething!!! i am happy to hear all of tests came back alright - i hope she is feeling better soon!!!

  3. Urgh, I hate it when my kids get high fevers too, it sends me to a wild panic! Hope Faith is doing better now.