Friday, December 30, 2011

I Survived Christmas Break 2011...Almost

I can only say almost, because it's not quite over yet. Three days and counting.

Santa Claus made his rounds at our house, as well as the stomach flu. Fun times. Oh yeah.

I always feel like I am the only mom that is waiting on pin and needles for "breaks" to come to an end and to send the cherubs back to school.  Everyone else seems to enjoy the "free" time with their kids.  Me? No, I run a tight ship. A rigid schedule. I don't like to live on the edge.  I like to know that by 8:15am the kids will be safely deposited into the care of their wonderful teachers...such blessed souls.   Besides, I still have Faith, whom I have decided is part monkey, ( DEFINITELY her father's DNA) that I have to peel from the light fixture hanging over the kitchen table.  This kid IS a full time job all on her own.

She's lucky she's so cute.      See?

I have recognized though, over the last few months that I NEED a break. Regularly. From ALL of my children.  Not that I don't love them dearly, but Lord, they can drive me to the brink of insanity. No really, it's true.    Seeing as how I am now a single mom, it makes getting a break all but impossible most of the time, however grateful I am to the kids' dad for working two jobs so that I can stay home with them and not have to be a "working" single mom as well.

Respite. I found it. I am going to use it. For Faith. For the other kids when needed.  Sure, go ahead, look at me like I have two heads and wonder why in the world I would use something like that...something like respite.  Respite is defined as a temporary rest period, utilized by caregivers of the ill or disabled. Six kids. Two with ADHD. One with Tourette's. One with Down syndrome.  One typical teenager.   Judge me if you want, but to make myself a better "caregiver" to my daughter AND all of the the other children, I am choosing to do this for them and for myself.

Anyway, just putting it out heart on my sleeve. 


  1. Respite is better than you losing your cool or losing your mind. Then they would need lots more care, and care for you too! There are worse things a mother can do than accept help:)

  2. Lady I only have 2 kids (1 typical) and *I* need that alone time more than I ever thought I would. And my oldest is only 3! You do what you gotta do. :)