Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bring it on!

I'm ready for summer...but only because summer usually brings a reprieve from sickness at our house.  The last year has brought one thing after another.   Faith has endured many hospitalizations, Ph probes, and many visits to the oncology/hematology clinic, GI doc and cardiologist. We've had the swine flu, the stomach flu, ear infections, croup, an emergency gallbladder removal surgery, an allergic reaction to pain medicine that put me in the ICU and RSV.

Enough already!

Gracie was just in the hospital this past week with what the doctor believed was another bout of pylonephritis (kidney infection).  She spiked a 104.5* fever and her symptoms were reminiscent of her previous kidney infections.  I took her into the doctor as she wasn't getting better and had all but stopped eating and drinking.   Her breath smelled like she drank a bottle of nail polish remover.  Low and behold, her urine test showed ketones, which indicate dehydration.  So, we were shipped off to the pediatrics floor of the hospital that has become like a second home to us this past year.
                                Being pumped full of antibiotics and IV fluids

                                 So tired...

                                Ouchie!  She handled getting the IV like a trooper.

                                Faith camped out with us too!

                                 A very special visitor...Nana!

                                 Always time for a kiss

Gracie had labs drawn when she was first admitted to the hospital.  The next day, the pediatrician came in to see her and told me that Gracie's blood test showed that she was neutropenic. (low neutrophil count--a normal count is above 2,500--Gracie's was 300) as well as having a very low white blood count.  Weird thing is, Faith is neutropenic too.  The doctor said she was scratching her head trying to figure out what was going on with Gracie.   Her urine cultures grew nothing, so the kidney infection diagnosis went out with the wind.   After some pondering on the doctors part, it is thought that maybe the neutropenia is a familial thing.  Something genetic.  So, Gracie will have her labs done again in two weeks.  If her counts have not risen to normal, she'll be going to see Faith's hematologist.  Be still my heart...

But, I did tell the doctor, that all of this MUST be their father's DNA.

Anyway, Gracie came home on Friday.  Friday night at 10:15, Faith started vomiting all over her crib.  She continued to vomit until almost 5am.  Lordy, the kid was wiped out.  She was so pale and tired.  She even stopped  opening her eyes when she would vomit.  Pretty much slept right through it. She would rouse a bit, vomit, then it was right back to a deep sleep.    I worried all night that we would be heading off to the hospital. Again.     Thankfully, Faith held her own and drank Pedialyte like a champ and perked up by dinner time.

If anyone else comes down with it, I may just run for the hills.

So come on summer....bring it on!

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