Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14 Months Old!

It's way beyond me how this little cherub can be 14 months old already.

It's been a long time since I've done a "what are you up to these days" goes!

Faith, what are you up to these days?

* You are wearing mostly size 6-9 months clothing

* You wear a loose size 3 diaper

* You can almost fit into a size 2 shoe

* You weigh about 16 and a half pounds

* You are about 27.75 inches tall (though that may be a bit generous)

* You are getting around ALL over the place...crawling as fast as a race horse, cruising the coffee table and pushing your little baby stroller

* You are eating mostly table food and stage 3 baby food

* You love whole milk, though it has to be thickened to nectar consistency as you aspirate sometimes

* You still have no teeth!

* You sleep through most nights, but have been waking at 3am lately for  a 'snack'

* You are still nursing on demand

* You take between 2-3 naps a day

* You are saying "mama", "dada", "muh muh" (for more) and "dug" for dog.

* You know the signs for milk, eat and more

* You still take reflux meds 3 times a day

* You break out into dancing every time you hear music

and most importantly, you are happy, healthy and thriving.

We love you Faith!

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  1. Steph I promise I will email you this weekend!