Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sand, Glorious Sand

Being a Colorado girl all my life, I've had only a few chances to sink my toes into sand at the beach.  Well, when the weather finally started behaving like summer, I got the itch to sink my toes into some sand.  Since I am not THAT crazy we are too far from the beach, the National Sand Dunes had to do.

                                   The view approaching the Sand Dunes

Granted, the car ride there was very long, and the ride home seemed even longer, great memories were made and fun was had by all.

Caleb enjoyed the ride, trying to imagine what it would be like.  He carried his trusty bottle of hand sanitizer with him the whole time.  What would we do with out him taking care of our sanitation?

I loved writing Faith's name in the sand near the river.  I tried to get her to sit for a picture, but man, that girl can move!

See? She is protesting me sitting her down again.

To keep her from crawling off, we decided to just bury her.  (kidding!)

She was pretty interested in the cool, wet sand between her little toes.

Seems Gracie was enjoying herself as well.  Her smile tells it all.

After all the fun Sam saw Faith having being buried, he wanted his turn too.

I don't know how the kid could expand his lungs enough to breathe, but he sure didn't want us to dig him out.

Josh was in his element...he's a total boy, active and daring.  Ready to use his sled to float down the river.

The teen got a little mouthy, so we decided to bury him too.

Yup, that took care of it.

Even Abbey came along for the fun.  If only she hadn't been beside herself with anxiety over everything and everyone, I'm sure she would have had a great time.

We had a great time, but I am not racing out the door to go on a road trip again any time soon... but I am glad that summer is here!


  1. OH, I love road trips. Of course we only have half the amount of kids and no dog in our car so that might make a difference! Great pics!!

  2. I love your kiddles! Looks like you had a blast! We drove out to the dunes a couple summers ago, but it was four dogs (all labs) and five adults... and no kids! I'm sure the drive was a long one, but it looks like everyone loved it! :)