Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Love Me Some Dog!

Yes, I do know that title wasn't proper grammar.  I'm only saying that just so you know that I know.  Okay?

Faith has a love for anything fluffy and furry...especially dogs.   We have a toy schnauzer, Abbey, that is terrified of Faith, but Faith LOVES to go after Abbey pointing and saying "dawg dawg" (if you could only hear that in her 14 month old cute voice)

While at a friends house, she was totally taken by her two dogs, this big one, especially.

The look on her face is somewhere in between giddy and weirded out, I think. She must have been thinking that this was no Abbey dawg!

Titan, the dog, was totally unimpressed at first...

Then, he decided that Faith tasted pretty darn good, and decided to have a few hundred must have been all those Gold Fish crackers she'd been eating.

Who could resist kissing this sweet babe anyway?  Who cares if the kisser is furry!